The VAMP is back

...No I'm not talking about vampires, I'm talking about 'vamps'! Seductive, sexy sillhouetted women, the LADY is back (...but yes probably in a Chloe cape). From studs tassles and clumpy angular platforms and wedges last season, we've gone all... countryside retreat. It's all about the nudes, the blacks, the reds and the hunting themed colours: berry, khaki, emerald green and brown. The most prominent looks this season include luxurious 40's siren fur, A-line skirts and cinched in waists, glowing bare skin and uplifted cleavage. The hunting look is restored with femininity with its leather short shorts designed to expose long slim thighs all bronzed from the not so long ago Summer.

All of this is illustrated in photography by Jacques Olivar. Casablanca born photographer who has worked for the likes of Burberry, Celine, Trussardi, Hermes, Armani, he started his career by leading an awarded campaign for DIM stockings. He continued to win awards for his campaigns which have in turn award him more campaigns. Some of his works can be bought from the UK's first branch of LUMAS which can be found on Conduit Street, Mayfair.

Olivar's imagery bares a resemblance to the works of such photographers Annie Leibovitz and Mario Sorrenti, especially in the subtly lit images with cold tones and reflected sequins. He really does show an appreciation for female beauty, you will rarely find an Olivar image that demonstrates a female model looking less than desirable. Olivar mostly works on location and each environment seems to have the ability to tell a story of it's own even without a sitter, which sets him apart from alot of other fashion photographers these days with their white backdrop studios...getting models to jump up and down to make the shot a bit more interesting (Enough! too many people do this, wheres your signature style? And you call yourself a photographer...).

Anyway, above are a few of Olivar's most relevant images for Autumn/Winter 2010.