Work Experience

During September I was given work experience with a well established fashion photographer who goes by the name of Mathew Shave. His clients include Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Jimmy Choo and Vogue. As a photographer who owns his own studio, life seems pretty easy going for him. Having assistants means he can come in when he's ready and his equipment will be set up ready for him, which makes the technical side of his job as a photographer pretty easy i guess. For the three 'Advertorial' still life shoots we did, Mathew was given designed images of which we had to recreate for the magazine...not so much of a fun shoot really. The lighting set ups took a long time to get right before the propper shooting could begin, and there was a strict look to which Mathew had to stick to, not to mention the anal and quite bratty 'stylist' we had to pander to.

Aside from that, just being in the studio everyday gave me such a surge of desire to be doing this for life. Looking out of the windows, across Borough High Street and seeing people sat at desks in dreary offices and realising that we were soaking up the natural light, blowing up balloons and chatting about what music to put on the surround sound. Its so exciting to see the images coming up on the computer screen and working out how to make them look even better. For the first three days of my experience with Mathew, it was all still life, jewellery, shoes, bags and the last day shooting martinis. The last day I was there, was a shoot for Gloss magazine, an editorial shoot involving the most beautiful of couture and the most beautiful models. I nearly exploded the whole day, it was all hard work but I didn't want to leave! If everyday of my life could be like that then I think I'd be a very happy girl. These models make posing look so easy, and they were such lovely girls too...towering over everyone. From Christian Louboutin's over the knee 'Alta Fifre' red suede boots (my personal alternative to a diamond slipper) to Ralph Lauren's red beaded evening dress, and what I think was an Alexander McQueen peacock feather jacket. Basically, I've had a taste and I want more!

Mathew was really great to work for and I hope to work for him again soon, he's shot alot of stuff you've seen before but never realised it was him, including Calvin Harris's album cover with the diamond shades. As I cant get hold of the editorial shoot images for Gloss (foreign mag), there are a couple of examples of his work above.