I don't know about you I am in a great mood today. HAPPY! When I feel happy I literally want to bounce off the walls, I dont know why but I feel excited. The kind of imagery that springs to mind when I am happy would be that of photographer Tim Walker- my most favourite photographer of all. His imagery is nonsense, its beautifully abstract with the softest colours and cutest animals and the prettiest props you could ever find. His imagery is drawn from childhood memory, storybooks and dreams. His photographs provoke escapism which is why theyre so popular. How could something that's subconsciously pleasing ever go wrong? Tim's imagery has clearly been noticed by Rihanna as her new video for 'Only Girl in the World' is hugely inspired by his imagery. What an amazing video!

Tim Walker started off his career creating Cecil Beaton's archive at Conde Nast and by assisting photographers such as Richard Avedon. He took the long root too if your planning on assisting photographers and it wasn't all smiles either. Walker was no longer needed by Avedon after one day he accidentally dropped the world renowned photographer in front of quite a few people. Yes I did say DROPPED. I read an interview with him a year or so ago declaring how Avedon had a habit of sitting on the floor of his sets cross legged whilst taking pictures, he actually had a runner employed as the person who picks him up off the ground once he wanted to get up but unfortunately this guy was off and Walker had to fill his shoes. Avedon hadn't quite stood up properly before Walker let go and Avedon collapses to the ground in an angry heap. Wow. Im sorry but I couldn't help but laugh at that.

I could go on for pages about what Walker's created and how hes does it and how amazing his work is in my eyes, but instead im gonna post the video of Rihanna and a couple of Tim's pictures and let you enjoy...

GUSH. sorry.



Is all this really necessary? Are we really reverting back to the times when we were all less educated and therefore massively ignorant in thinking that violence would get us what we want? This isnt about racism or communism or even giving rapists and peadophiles the same liberties we grant law abiders. Its just money, to pay for the education you CHOOSE or CHOOSE not to recieve.

I couldn't believe my ears the other day when listening to Radio Five Live and heard that by the end of this month all prisoners in the UK will be granted the LIBERTY of voting. All this due to the EU and the infringement of human rights. I think the one point many many people were missing when phoning in to throw in their poorly thought out ideas on life/politics and 'Human Rights', was that voting became a LIBERTY when this country became a democracy, however should someone display the intention of harming others or live a life of destruction or law breaking then clearly they do not have the good of the country or others in mind, therefore deeming them unfit individuals to make decisions that effect any other human being. People may say that the prisoner vote may not make enough of a dent to really make a difference to any elections, it only takes one vote to swing it doesnt it? When it comes to rallying and enticing voters even the the most PC and honest of politicians will be angling for the vote of the prisoners, what will they offer them for their votes? What kind of bribes will take place? I may be completely over the top in worrying about this situation but if you think about it in the simplest of ways, what good can come of this? None. I do not believe that you are born with the 'Human Right' of being able to vote, but the liberty. As soon as you violate another human being or break a law then that liberty should be taken away. Surely taking away another's freedom is an infringement of someone's human rights? Should we just do away with all the prisons while were at it?

Its things like this that really upset me. Yes being a recent graduate I have my own views on the rise in tuition fees, yes charging three times the amount that I was charged would be hugely upsetting, its bad enough I've entered my adult life with £20,000 worth of debt let alone £40,000+ after maintenance and tuition fees! The thing is, if you look at the amount that we are charged here for further education and how much other countries charge you will see it is still massively competitive here. In America you would be looking at spending about £200,000 for a degree. Today I was shocked by seeing the images above of smashed windows, spray painted walls and fires, along with all the injured people taken to hospital, all over a rise in fees that if you never earn over £20,000 you never have to pay off and that still you dont even have to pay off until you can afford it. I cant help but feel that people participated in this neanderthol like behaviour for the sake of letting out personal aggression and for the pure sake of being able to say "I was in a riot once".

And anyway, I think I read the statistics for graduates that gain jobs in the industry they studied in has fallen to about 80% hasnt it? With the lack of jobs that seem to be available in the current market what with all these cuts anyway, what good is a degree? People only want people with experience anyway..



The VAMP is back

...No I'm not talking about vampires, I'm talking about 'vamps'! Seductive, sexy sillhouetted women, the LADY is back (...but yes probably in a Chloe cape). From studs tassles and clumpy angular platforms and wedges last season, we've gone all... countryside retreat. It's all about the nudes, the blacks, the reds and the hunting themed colours: berry, khaki, emerald green and brown. The most prominent looks this season include luxurious 40's siren fur, A-line skirts and cinched in waists, glowing bare skin and uplifted cleavage. The hunting look is restored with femininity with its leather short shorts designed to expose long slim thighs all bronzed from the not so long ago Summer.

All of this is illustrated in photography by Jacques Olivar. Casablanca born photographer who has worked for the likes of Burberry, Celine, Trussardi, Hermes, Armani, he started his career by leading an awarded campaign for DIM stockings. He continued to win awards for his campaigns which have in turn award him more campaigns. Some of his works can be bought from the UK's first branch of LUMAS which can be found on Conduit Street, Mayfair.

Olivar's imagery bares a resemblance to the works of such photographers Annie Leibovitz and Mario Sorrenti, especially in the subtly lit images with cold tones and reflected sequins. He really does show an appreciation for female beauty, you will rarely find an Olivar image that demonstrates a female model looking less than desirable. Olivar mostly works on location and each environment seems to have the ability to tell a story of it's own even without a sitter, which sets him apart from alot of other fashion photographers these days with their white backdrop studios...getting models to jump up and down to make the shot a bit more interesting (Enough! too many people do this, wheres your signature style? And you call yourself a photographer...).

Anyway, above are a few of Olivar's most relevant images for Autumn/Winter 2010.



A New Beginning

So it has been an awful long time since I last updated this thing, about a year infact! I've come a long way since then. I completed a manic final year of University, packed up and left Southampton, had an amazing relationship that has ended already, lost friends, made friends, dyed my hair and been the lowest of low. The last couple of months have been a real rollercoaster. To anybody embarking on their final year the best advice I could give you is to relax. DONT PANIC. Everything will be fine.

On completing my 3 years at University I pursued internships, I applied like there was no tomorrow. I worked at a media and PR agency which then led me to working at a publishing house in Shoreditch, which was much more what I wanted to do. I then went to British GQ for 2 weeks and worked for an amazing guy, had a wonderful time and was given a glowing recommendation which finally landed myself a job as an Art Consultant at the new Lumas Gallery in Mayfair. I have been revived by my new path for a career and by friends. Old and new.

This seems to be a wonderful time for all, its the start of a new season, fashion week has been taking place all around the world, people embark on their first terms of uni (really jealous) and we've all got Halloween/Fireworks night/Christmas/New Year to look forward to. Mulled wine, fairy lights and cosy fires. Thats what its all about.

So heres to Autumn. And heres to Tim Walker.


Work Experience

During September I was given work experience with a well established fashion photographer who goes by the name of Mathew Shave. His clients include Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Jimmy Choo and Vogue. As a photographer who owns his own studio, life seems pretty easy going for him. Having assistants means he can come in when he's ready and his equipment will be set up ready for him, which makes the technical side of his job as a photographer pretty easy i guess. For the three 'Advertorial' still life shoots we did, Mathew was given designed images of which we had to recreate for the magazine...not so much of a fun shoot really. The lighting set ups took a long time to get right before the propper shooting could begin, and there was a strict look to which Mathew had to stick to, not to mention the anal and quite bratty 'stylist' we had to pander to.

Aside from that, just being in the studio everyday gave me such a surge of desire to be doing this for life. Looking out of the windows, across Borough High Street and seeing people sat at desks in dreary offices and realising that we were soaking up the natural light, blowing up balloons and chatting about what music to put on the surround sound. Its so exciting to see the images coming up on the computer screen and working out how to make them look even better. For the first three days of my experience with Mathew, it was all still life, jewellery, shoes, bags and the last day shooting martinis. The last day I was there, was a shoot for Gloss magazine, an editorial shoot involving the most beautiful of couture and the most beautiful models. I nearly exploded the whole day, it was all hard work but I didn't want to leave! If everyday of my life could be like that then I think I'd be a very happy girl. These models make posing look so easy, and they were such lovely girls too...towering over everyone. From Christian Louboutin's over the knee 'Alta Fifre' red suede boots (my personal alternative to a diamond slipper) to Ralph Lauren's red beaded evening dress, and what I think was an Alexander McQueen peacock feather jacket. Basically, I've had a taste and I want more!

Mathew was really great to work for and I hope to work for him again soon, he's shot alot of stuff you've seen before but never realised it was him, including Calvin Harris's album cover with the diamond shades. As I cant get hold of the editorial shoot images for Gloss (foreign mag), there are a couple of examples of his work above.


David Bailey in London


Experimental shoot.


Here are two images from a recent experimental shoot I did in the woods. I never photograph men and I've never done a night shoot. These images were shot in late twilight. Because of the changing light, I have found that the images don't necessarily work as a series but do work individually. I wanted to create a low key, fun shoot with a slight fantasy ambience. The rest are shot with a very subtle flash so have a much warmer cast than the late night blue natural light cast.