A New Beginning

So it has been an awful long time since I last updated this thing, about a year infact! I've come a long way since then. I completed a manic final year of University, packed up and left Southampton, had an amazing relationship that has ended already, lost friends, made friends, dyed my hair and been the lowest of low. The last couple of months have been a real rollercoaster. To anybody embarking on their final year the best advice I could give you is to relax. DONT PANIC. Everything will be fine.

On completing my 3 years at University I pursued internships, I applied like there was no tomorrow. I worked at a media and PR agency which then led me to working at a publishing house in Shoreditch, which was much more what I wanted to do. I then went to British GQ for 2 weeks and worked for an amazing guy, had a wonderful time and was given a glowing recommendation which finally landed myself a job as an Art Consultant at the new Lumas Gallery in Mayfair. I have been revived by my new path for a career and by friends. Old and new.

This seems to be a wonderful time for all, its the start of a new season, fashion week has been taking place all around the world, people embark on their first terms of uni (really jealous) and we've all got Halloween/Fireworks night/Christmas/New Year to look forward to. Mulled wine, fairy lights and cosy fires. Thats what its all about.

So heres to Autumn. And heres to Tim Walker.