Is all this really necessary? Are we really reverting back to the times when we were all less educated and therefore massively ignorant in thinking that violence would get us what we want? This isnt about racism or communism or even giving rapists and peadophiles the same liberties we grant law abiders. Its just money, to pay for the education you CHOOSE or CHOOSE not to recieve.

I couldn't believe my ears the other day when listening to Radio Five Live and heard that by the end of this month all prisoners in the UK will be granted the LIBERTY of voting. All this due to the EU and the infringement of human rights. I think the one point many many people were missing when phoning in to throw in their poorly thought out ideas on life/politics and 'Human Rights', was that voting became a LIBERTY when this country became a democracy, however should someone display the intention of harming others or live a life of destruction or law breaking then clearly they do not have the good of the country or others in mind, therefore deeming them unfit individuals to make decisions that effect any other human being. People may say that the prisoner vote may not make enough of a dent to really make a difference to any elections, it only takes one vote to swing it doesnt it? When it comes to rallying and enticing voters even the the most PC and honest of politicians will be angling for the vote of the prisoners, what will they offer them for their votes? What kind of bribes will take place? I may be completely over the top in worrying about this situation but if you think about it in the simplest of ways, what good can come of this? None. I do not believe that you are born with the 'Human Right' of being able to vote, but the liberty. As soon as you violate another human being or break a law then that liberty should be taken away. Surely taking away another's freedom is an infringement of someone's human rights? Should we just do away with all the prisons while were at it?

Its things like this that really upset me. Yes being a recent graduate I have my own views on the rise in tuition fees, yes charging three times the amount that I was charged would be hugely upsetting, its bad enough I've entered my adult life with £20,000 worth of debt let alone £40,000+ after maintenance and tuition fees! The thing is, if you look at the amount that we are charged here for further education and how much other countries charge you will see it is still massively competitive here. In America you would be looking at spending about £200,000 for a degree. Today I was shocked by seeing the images above of smashed windows, spray painted walls and fires, along with all the injured people taken to hospital, all over a rise in fees that if you never earn over £20,000 you never have to pay off and that still you dont even have to pay off until you can afford it. I cant help but feel that people participated in this neanderthol like behaviour for the sake of letting out personal aggression and for the pure sake of being able to say "I was in a riot once".

And anyway, I think I read the statistics for graduates that gain jobs in the industry they studied in has fallen to about 80% hasnt it? With the lack of jobs that seem to be available in the current market what with all these cuts anyway, what good is a degree? People only want people with experience anyway..