I don't know about you I am in a great mood today. HAPPY! When I feel happy I literally want to bounce off the walls, I dont know why but I feel excited. The kind of imagery that springs to mind when I am happy would be that of photographer Tim Walker- my most favourite photographer of all. His imagery is nonsense, its beautifully abstract with the softest colours and cutest animals and the prettiest props you could ever find. His imagery is drawn from childhood memory, storybooks and dreams. His photographs provoke escapism which is why theyre so popular. How could something that's subconsciously pleasing ever go wrong? Tim's imagery has clearly been noticed by Rihanna as her new video for 'Only Girl in the World' is hugely inspired by his imagery. What an amazing video!

Tim Walker started off his career creating Cecil Beaton's archive at Conde Nast and by assisting photographers such as Richard Avedon. He took the long root too if your planning on assisting photographers and it wasn't all smiles either. Walker was no longer needed by Avedon after one day he accidentally dropped the world renowned photographer in front of quite a few people. Yes I did say DROPPED. I read an interview with him a year or so ago declaring how Avedon had a habit of sitting on the floor of his sets cross legged whilst taking pictures, he actually had a runner employed as the person who picks him up off the ground once he wanted to get up but unfortunately this guy was off and Walker had to fill his shoes. Avedon hadn't quite stood up properly before Walker let go and Avedon collapses to the ground in an angry heap. Wow. Im sorry but I couldn't help but laugh at that.

I could go on for pages about what Walker's created and how hes does it and how amazing his work is in my eyes, but instead im gonna post the video of Rihanna and a couple of Tim's pictures and let you enjoy...

GUSH. sorry.