Theory of Fashion Photography

As a student on a thoroughly art based photography course but with a strong Fashion interest and having studied Fashion Promotion, I found it hard to make my interest feel it was worth as much as my peers' deep intellectual work. Barthes and Jobling helped me reconnect with my interest.

Fashion Photography is no less important, if anything in the social world we live in media has every power of its subjects. Not to say there are differences in approach and meaning with fashion work and art based produce, but the distinction between the two is becoming harder and harder to recognise.

Fashion is constant advertisement. Its advertising your personal image, your identity, celebrities are walking advertisements to the public and their followers. Whether or not people acknowledge that they prejudge a person by the clothes they wear, clothing is one main thing a person can read and subconsciously recognise about a person that enables an impression of lifestyle. This automatically projects the ideas of what more there is to a person and how you could relate to them. It all leads on to relationships and status and more...