Annie Leibovitz

Here are just a few of some of my favourite Celebrity/Fashion portraits by Leibovitz. In every one of her celebrity based, female focused pieces she brings out a real beauty in the subject. She makes every one of her female subjects look like goddesses, with flattering lighting anf extravagant outfits.

Leibovitz started her career at Rolling Stone magazine and then went on to join Vanity Fairmagazine. Her photography made a transition from grainy, raw black and white images of rock personalities to sophisticated polished images of commercial celebrity. Leibovitz is a contraversial photographer. She likes to challenge the structure of what makes a good portrait whilst sometimes offending others. Her recent shoot with Miley Cyrus, proved to be less than popular, shot against a grey background, clutching at a sheet she is seen as sexual and vulnerable; not good for a child TV star's image. Liebovitz was accused of taking advantage of a young girl to project her own personal style and preferance to that of the star.